I am passionate about using technology to increase access to information and I am interested in learning new technologies. In my graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin I have focused on my classes on all technical aspects of Information Studies. Below are samples of the work I have done through course projects and internships.

Information Architecture, Usability Testing and Database Design

Developed a website for Joint Conference for Digital Library (JCDL) where we tried to provide user interaction. Created a front-end search page and implemented a search engine for online access to collections for the website of department of Philosophy. Designed a database for the Championship Debate Group as a course project of my Database Management class.
As a team of three our design critique proposal tried to go a bit further than only suggesting changes in the design and/or information architecture of the WAAC website. Developed a new personal health record (PHR) solution where patients can collect, manage, organize, and share their health information in a way that is independent of their doctor's Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Conducted Usability evaluation for the Austin Bergstrom International Airport website to predict the expected performance of the actual customer using the current Web site.
Created a web site for a travel agency where a visitor can enter his/her name and the location of tours. The website will keep records of form information and display their location after submitting the form. In the "Intermediate Web Programming" class I have learned server side scripting language JavaScript and PHP,file streams. Developed a WordPress based website for the non-profit organization Council on At-Risk Youth

Research and Data Analysis

Information Retrieval (IR) is finding     the relevant documents of an unstructured nature that satisfies an information need of the user of the IR System.Here we did text retrieval experiment using three different technique for efficient retrieval. An experimental procedure is designed in order to measure the effect of communication between teachers and children on children's educational achievement. R is a computer language for statistical computing. I experimented with data to provide prediction & forecasting the use of data.
Scientific raw data are the extracts of scientific experiment and these data are the basis of scientific knowledge. DataCite is one of the pioneer organizations who takes initiative to organize scientific data.